How to add new users to Aspire account?

Admin users can invite one or more users in one go!

Watch our video guide or follow the steps towards the end of this page: 

Step-by-step guide:

  • Navigate to "Users and Access" on the lower left and click "Users"
  • Click on the 'New User' button on the upper right and enter the details & role of the new user (Admin, Finance or Employee user)
  • If you need to add more, click "Add more" button to populate a new field. 
  • If all is good, click "Send Invite", and you're done!


  • If you're inviting an existing Aspire user, please make sure to use the email address they registered with on their Aspire account.
  • We've also added some new fields to help you categorize your users better. While these fields are optional, you can assign a Manager, Department and Designation to your existing users for better organization.

You may also invite multiple users by uploading a CSV file.

  • Click the "Upload CSV" button
  • Click "Download template", then fill it up with the users' information
  • Upload the filled-up CSV form on the same page, then click "Add users" button.

What happens after I invite other users?

After you have sent out invitations for new users, they will be sent an email notifying them to create or register their personal profiles on the Aspire app.

Once they have completed this, our KYC team will conduct independent due diligence before granting them access to your account.

Once the process is complete, you will be able to:

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