What user roles are available in the Aspire account?

An Admin user can assign any of the four* available roles shown above. You may check further details on each role towards the end of this page: 

*The Developer Role is only available for Indonesia-incorporated businesses.


This user role is created to provide unrestricted access to the Aspire account. A Director as well as Non-Director can be an Admin. Below are the following actions that an Admin can do on the account:

  • Add or remove users
  • Transfer money without restrictions (Based on applicable Approval Policies - learn more on Approval Policies)
  • Access the "Convert Money" feature in-app
  • Create and manage budgets
  • Manage accounting integrations
  • View all the financial details of the account


This user role is more suited for the executives and finance team who can manage accounting, budgets, money transfers and view the financials of the account.

Finance roles are divided into 3 categories:

  • Finance Transfer Rights - These users can make a transfers and approve submitted transfers for the account. (Based on applicable Approval Policies - learn more on Approval Policies)
  • Finance Submit Rights - These users can only submit a transfer for approval. The account admin (or other assigned approvers) must approve the transfer for it to be sent.
  • Finance No Transfer/Submit Rights - These users cannot make/submit any transfers.  They can view all the financials and export data.


This is the most common role. Employee users will only be granted access to use issued Aspire cards and our claims feature. They may be assigned as a Budget owner which will give them more rights. See more on Budget Owners here.
They cannot see any company financials.

Tip! You may immediately assign cards to your Finance and Employee users upon inviting them to your account. Users without cards can later be issued when required.

Developer (For Indonesia-incorporated businesses only!)

This role is designed for users responsible for creating and managing payment gateway APIs of the Aspire account, exclusively available for Indonesia-incorporated businesses.


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