How to Submit and Approve transfers after creating a Transfer Approval Policy?

After publishing the Transfer Approval Policy - creating, submitting, or approving transfers will remain the same.


Submitting transfers:

    • Go to "Accounts", select whether it's SGD/USD/IDR, then click "Make a Transfer"
    • Select or create the recipient, fill in the transfer details, and submit the transfer. 
    • After the transfer is submitted, you can view the Pending Approvals by clicking on the "Show Pending Approvals" button on the transfer details page.

Approving transfers:

    • Go to "Transactions" menu, then click "Pending" tab
    • Select the transfer you want to review,
    • Click the "More" button to reject or modify the transfer or click "Approve" if all is good. Transfers can be approved or rejected individually or in bulk.

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