How to remove an existing user's access?

Please note that only Admins users can remove the access of the users in-app.

To learn how to remove user access, simply click on the appropriate links below based on your specific scenario:

Removing a Finance or Employee user access

For admin users to remove a Finance or Employee user:

  1. Navigate to "Users and Access" on the lower left and click "Users"
  2. Select the Finance or Employee user you wish to remove the access 
  3. Within the Access Role column, click on "Modify Access"
  4. Click on "Revoke Access"

You can also modify or revoke a user's access under pending invitation status. Please see article here.


Removing an Admin user access

Admin users can request the removal of their own access by contacting the Support Team. If you are an admin user of the Aspire account and need to revoke another admin user's access, you can ask the admin user you want to remove to contact our Support Team instead.

Otherwise, you will need to submit the required documents below to our Support Team to request the removal of another admin user. Our Support Team will then make the necessary arrangements.

Please refer to the list of required documents for removing an admin user who is either a company director or not a company director:

User you want to remove from Aspire Documents to prepare
Another admin user who is a company director

You can send these two documents:

  • Updated ACRA to show the removal of the director from the company (disregard if the user stays as a director of the company)
  • Letter to Revoke signed by the company director

OR send this document instead:

  • Board Resolution indicating removal of Admin access of the director by All Directors (including the user that needs to be removed)
Another admin user who is NOT a company director

Note: Upon successful removal of an active company director's admin access to the Aspire account, we will promptly send them an email confirmation to notify them of this action.

Note! If you are NOT a user of the Aspire account and need to request the removal of an admin user from the account, please contact the admin of the account so we may proceed with the request.

Reminder! If the current Aspire admin user is leaving the company and you only have one admin in your Aspire account, you will need to remove their access and add a new user to become the admin.

To add a new admin to the Aspire account, kindly include this request when contacting our Support Team and attach the additional documents:

  • The new Director's email and mobile number
  • Front & back picture of the new Director's NRIC/ID as per ACRA (for passports, only ID page is required)
  • Picture of the new Director holding their NRIC/ID and a paper with the word 'Aspire + date today' written on it.
  • Copy of the ACRA Bizfile, which reflects the updated Director records

We will revoke your previous admin access and replace it with your new admin details. The process will take 5-7 days. 

Questions? Please log in to the app and reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Suggestions? Let us know here.