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Why did my PayNow QR Code & VPA not work?

There are three potential reasons why your PayNow QR Code or VPA may not work.

1. Your PayNow account was temporarily deactivated due to an extended period of inactivity

Once you receive your PayNow QR Code and VPA details, it will be deactivated if there is NO PayNow activity after a period of time.

If this happens, please discard any previous PayNow QR code and VPA details, as they will no longer be valid. If you are unsure, please reach out to us here to cross-check and confirm this for you.

If you’d like to reactivate your PayNow details, you can do so anytime. Simply request it again in-app by clicking "SGD Account" > "PayNow details".

A new set of QR Code and VPA details will be provided. We've also included a guide to assist you with activating your PayNow feature. 

If you are unable to request for it again in-app, kindly access and complete our offline PayNow request form to have it re-activated.

2. Sender placed the wrong VPA details on the transfer

It is important to note that while your VPA may appear similar to your UEN number, it is not the same. Therefore, we recommend that you remind your sender to

  • NOT select "UEN" as the mode of transfer, as this option is not currently supported by Aspire PayNow.
  • Input your complete and accurate VPA details, including all necessary characters.

3. Sender's bank is unable to scan/send to your Aspire Paynow QR code/VPA

Any external application that is able to scan your PayNow QR Code and display your company name/ or has the option to pay to VPA, will support payment to your Aspire account via Paynow.
To view a list of applications we have tested that support Aspire PayNow QR/VPA codes, please visit this link.
In the event a sender's external application is unable to scan/send to your Aspire Paynow QR code/VPA, please advise the sender to:
  • Raise this to their respective application provider and obtain a service request number.
  • Subsequently, inform Aspire of the issue along with the service request number via this link, where we will proactively encourage the sender's application provider to work on a fix to their application.
Please also advise the sender to use an alternative application to send funds via Paynow.


Questions? Please log in to the app and reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Suggestions? Let us know here.