Which banks or apps can send funds to Aspire via PayNow?

Several apps support sending funds to your Aspire account via PayNow with VPA and QR Code.

Note: You will need to activate PayNow for your account to use this feature. Please visit this page for more information.

Receiving funds via PayNow

Your Aspire account supports receiving payments via PayNow through these two methods only: VPA and QR Code.

Any external application that is able to scan your PayNow QR Code and display your company name/ or has an option to pay to VPA, will support payment to your Aspire account via Paynow.

In the event a sender's external application is unable to scan/send to your Aspire Paynow QR code/VPA, please advise the sender to:

  • Raise this to their respective application provider and obtain a service request number
  • Subsequently, inform Aspire of the issue along with the service request number via this link, where we will proactively encourage the sender's application provider to work on a fix to their application

Please also advise the sender to use an alternative application to send funds via Paynow.

Here are a few common applications Aspire has tested, which support payments to our Aspire QR/VPA's (valid as of Apr 2023)

Note: Application providers may update their apps from time to time which may affect their ability to send PayNow to Aspire Paynow QR/VPA's

Payment Application VPA QR
DBS - Retail Banking App Yes Yes
DBS - Wealth Banking App No No
DBS - Paylah No Yes
OCBC Commercial Banking No No
OCBC Personal Banking Yes Yes
OCBC Payanyone No Yes
UOB banking Yes Yes
Maybank* Yes No
Standard Chartered Yes No
Citibank No Yes
Grab No Yes

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Sending funds via PayNow

Unfortunately, Aspire currently does not support sending outward payments via PayNow, but we are currently working on this and hope to have it available by Mid 2023.

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