What are the fees and rates for incoming transfers to the Aspire USD Account?


If you're using Local account details

  • Local transfers within the US are through ACH or ABA/Fedwire, there is no fee for these transfers. 

If you're using SWIFT account details

  • Transfers from outside the US that are USD to USD using SWIFT payment will incur a USD 8.00 fee. 
    Note: if you receive a transfer from within the US using the SWIFT network, you will also be charged a USD 8.00 fee.
  • Transfers that convert into another currency other than USD will be converted at the best rates, which are up to 3x cheaper than banks. These transfers will also incur a USD 8.00 fee.

Here is the list of countries you can receive from.

Important notes:

- SWIFT transfers may involve intermediary/correspondent banks fees that may be deducted from the received amount. This fee varies based on the correspondent banks used by SWIFT network and can be between $7 - $60. You are unable to select the intermediary bank. 

- Transfers are subjected to compliance checks.

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