What are the fees and rates for incoming transfers to the Aspire USD Account?


If you're using Community Federals Savings Bank account details

  • Local transfers, within the US are through ACH or ABA/Fedwire , there is no fee for these transfers. 

If you're using The CurrencyCloud Limited Bank account details

  • Transfers outside the US that are USD to USD using SWIFT payment, will incur a USD 8.00 fee. 
    Note: if you receive within the US using the SWIFT network, you will also be charged USD 8.00 fee.
  • Transfers that convert into another currency other than USD will be converted at the best rates, which are up to 3x cheaper than banks. These transfers will also incur an USD 8.00 fee.

Here is the list of countries you can receive from.

Important notes:

- SWIFT transfers may involve intermediary/correspondent banks fees that may be deducted from the received amount. This fee varies based on the correspondent banks used by SWIFT network and can be between $7 - $60. You are unable to select the intermediary bank. 

- Transfers are subjected to compliance checks.

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