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What are Shared (SHA) and Our (OUR) Charges?

What are Shared Charges? (SHA)

You pay for the Remitting bank's charges (Aspire). 

Your recipient bears the charges of the Intermediary banks and their bank, which will be deducted from the remittance amount. Your recipient will receive the remaining balance. This is the most common type of charge, where each party bears their respective charges.

What are OUR charges? (OUR)

Charges are borne by the Remitter (you).

You bear the Remitting bank's charges and all the Intermediary banks' charges. You can fix the amount the recipient will receive by paying a small fee upfront.

Note: Beneficiary bank charges, if any, are still deducted from the amount sent.

This is the option you should select when you are paying someone a salary or an invoice, and they MUST receive the exact amount. 

On your Aspire Account, we show the above options below the fee (see the below picture).

Use the toggle shown to fix the amount. This will secure that your recipient will receive the total amount and pay no fees. 

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