From which countries can I receive transfers to my USD account?

Using your DBS USD Account Details

You can receive SWIFT transfers from all non-sanctioned countries (through an approved FX/Cross Border partner ONLY) using your DBS account details.

You can receive SWIFT transfers from Singapore-based accounts (without needing an approved FX/Cross Border partner) using your DBS account details.

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Using your Community Federal Savings Bank Account Details

You can ONLY receive USD transfers within the US using this local account details.

Using your The Currency Cloud Limited Account Details

Using your SWIFT account details, you can receive USD and other supported currencies from 180+ countries. Visit this link to see the list of the countries you can receive from.

Note! We are unable to receive transfers from countries and territories marked with an asterisk (*). Should you need to receive transfers from non-permitted countries, you may explore using the DBS USD Account.


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