How to receive money in my SGD account?

You can receive money in your SGD Account via local methods or SWIFT.

Multiple ways to receive money

There are two ways that you can receive money or top up your account, depending on the method of transfer:

  • Via Local SGD Account
    You can receive money via FAST, GIRO, and MEPS from any account in Singapore. The time required for the transfers to succeed depends on the chosen method. 
  • Via SWIFT SGD Account
    You can receive money from local or overseas accounts via SWIFT. This method incurs a S$35.00 fee for transfers in SGD, and with no fees for the following currencies.

When sending funds to your account for the first time or receiving investment/funding, please notify us in advance and share supporting documents through this form.

For a visual guide on receiving local transfers, please refer to the video below.

To receive money via international transfers, please refer to How do I receive international transfers into my SGD account?.

Additional Notes

There might be extraordinary circumstances involved if you are expecting incoming transfers. Generally, these additional notes have been included in the Payment Instructions of your SGD Account.
  • To receive money from a non-FAST or GIRO account in Singapore, such as USD from a Multi-Currency Account at DBS or SGD from a non-FAST enabled bank via Local Telegraphic Transfer/MEPS, the sender will need to send funds to the following account name: Aspire FT Pte. Ltd. on behalf of Your Account Name.
  • If the sending platform has a character limit, you can leave out the end characters of the name and the transfer will still work.
  • You can send any common currencies via local telegraphic transfer to the Local SGD Account, provided that it is sent by a local entity/bank. These currencies will be converted to SGD at the bank board rate. In addition, a fee of SGD 10 will be applied for every incoming local telegraphic transfer.

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