Why is my outgoing IDR transfer pending?

Outgoing transfer times depend on the corresponding bank's processing time.

The time needed for the funds to be received by the recipient depends on the corresponding bank's processing time. After we initiate the transfer, the money may need to be processed by various parties, including our bank, the switching networks, and the recipient’s bank.

In some cases, Aspire has processed the transfer, but the partner informed us that the disbursement’s state is unclear. In this case, the process will usually be cleared by the next working day. Once the payment has been completed, the transfer status will show up in your account as either completed or failed. 

If your transfer has been pending for more than 1 working day*, please reach out to our Support team via the Aspire app to trace the funds.

*In several cases, your transfer might be delayed due to an internal review conducted by our partner, which may take 1-3 working days. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel or expedite the transactions that are in this state. 

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