Which transaction system is being used to send my IDR funds?

Aspire selects the best transaction system when making your payment, so your recipient can receive the funds.

For IDR local transactions, Aspire selects one out of the four transaction systems available, depending on your transfer amount. This helps us ensure that your funds are delivered to your recipient as soon as possible.

Transaction system used for IDR transfers: 

  • RTOL (Real Time Online): An online transaction system that allows you to send funds or make payments instantly, with a limit of IDR 25 to 100 Million per transaction, depending on the beneficiary bank.
  • SKN (Sistem Kliring Nasional) or LLG (Lalu Lintas Giro): An electronic fund transfer system that includes debit clearing and credit clearing where each transaction is settled nationally within one working day. The limit for SKN is IDR 500 million per transaction.
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement): An online transaction system managed by the central bank that allows you to send transfers over IDR 500 million per transaction, which is settled within one working day
  • BI-FAST: A national retail transaction system that can facilitate real-time payments with a limit of up to IDR 250 million per transaction to supported beneficiary banks.

Currently, we provide BI-FAST as a transaction system for limited users only. If you want to use BI-FAST for your payments, please contact our Care team by clicking the chatbox on the bottom right corner. 

Notes: You cannot choose the transaction system used because, at this time it will be selected automatically according to the amount you sent. 


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