What currencies can I send locally from Aspire USD account?

Through our partner CurrencyCloud, Aspire allows you to send local transactions of foreign currency in its home country. This allows for time and cost savings when making international transfers.

As long as you have your client's local bank details in their respective country (e.g. Australian/Canadian local bank account details), you can send FREE local transfers in their home currency!

Find here a range of currencies that we support sending out locally:

Currency Home Country Maximum Amount per Local Transfer
AUD Australia No limit
CAD Canada 100K CAD
CZK Czech Republic  1M CZK
DKK Denmark No Limit
EUR Europe No Limit
GBP United Kingdom 100k GBP
HKD Hong Kong 500K HKD
HUF Hungary 10M HUF
IDR Indonesia 350M IDR
INR India 1.5M INR per beneficiary per day
MXN Mexico No Limit
MYR Malaysia 100K MYR
NOK Norway 25M NOK
PHP Philippines 1.3M PHP
PLN Poland 150K PLN
RON Romania 200K RON
SEK Sweden No Limit
USD United States 1M USD
SGD Singapore 200K SGD

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  • For EUR & GBP local transfers, the receiver will see your company name as the sender of the funds.
  • For other currencies mentioned above, the receiver will see our partner's name (CurrencyCloud, Trustly, Vitesse, or NIUM) as the sender of the funds.

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