What are the transfer fees on my SGD account?

Local SGD transfers are free, with favorable rates for foreign currency transfers.


Simply click the link below to learn about the fees for each transfer type:

For more information on transaction fees, visit our pricing page and navigate to the " Simple transaction pricing" section. From there, you can easily compare our fees for each type of transaction.

Receiving local transfers within Singapore

There are no fees for receiving local SGD transfers to your Aspire SGD account.

Receiving international FX transfers 

For all supported currencies (except SGD*)

1. Zero fees from Aspire, best rates up to 3x cheaper than banks

2. Depending on the charge type, a SWIFT transfer fee may apply.

*For inbound SGD transfers, where the source bank handles the conversion and no further conversion is needed at Aspire, a flat, transparent fee of SGD $35 would be applied.

We suggest you clarify the arrangement with your sending party before the payment instruction.

In all cases, the above fees would already be deducted from the amount which will be deposited into your Aspire SGD account.

Sending local transfers within Singapore

You can send FAST transfers from your Aspire for FREE

Sending international FX transfers

Transfers are done at the mid-market FX rate and are charged with the standard Wise fee. Wise offers amongst the best conversion rates in the market. 

Simulate the FX rate & fees on a transaction by clicking this link here


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