How to troubleshoot Xero transaction sync errors?

My transactions are not synced in Xero

We suggest disconnecting and reconnecting your Aspire account to Xero to resolve the syncing issue. You can refer to the guide provided in this FAQ to learn how to disconnect Xero from your Aspire account.

If disconnecting your account doesn't work in the Aspire app, we recommend disconnecting Aspire from your Xero account directly. You can find a guide on how to do this in the same FAQ.

When I synced a Xero Expense transaction in the Pending Sync Tab, it showed a "Sync error" 

This happens when there is some error in the connection with Xero. You can go to the Expense Details pane to see the details of the error encountered. You may try to sync this transaction again after making any updates.

When I synced a Xero expense transaction in the Synced Tab, it showed a "Sync error"

This happens when the expense details are synced with Xero, but some of the attachments cannot be synced. Xero only allows attachments less than 3MB, up to a maximum of 10 attachments. You can check your expense to see if all attachments meet these criteria.

The AccountToken, AccountNumber, or AccountId is already connected to another bank account in the selected Xero organization

This happens when you try to connect to a Xero bank account that is already connected to another Aspire account.

To resolve this issue, you will need to connect to another Xero bank account. Alternatively, you can create a new account in the Xero platform's Chart of Accounts.

The purpose of this is to connect the Aspire account with a 'fresh' account in Xero.

  • In Xero, create a new account in the Chart of Accounts, then go back to the Aspire app, click on 'Connect now' and choose the newly made account. Please refer to a Youtube video that may help clarify how to proceed with this method.
  • Afterwards, return to the integrations page, select the new bank account to sync, and connect.

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