How to import Account Statements from Aspire to Netsuite

To import your Aspire Account Statement to Netsuite:

1. Export account statement from Aspire

2. Remove any unwanted columns from the downloaded CSV

3. Log in to NetSuite

  • Navigate to Transactions > Bank > Match Bank Data
  • Click on Upload File
    • Choose the CSV that was downloaded from Aspire
    • Select the option "Import with default parser"
    • Select the relevant account into which you want to import the data into

4. Once the file has been successfully imported, return to the Match Bank Data Module and select the relevant account for reconciling the data

5. Select "Cheques" in Account Transactions

6. Match the left-side line items with transactions on the right side

Questions? Please log in to the app and reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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