How to create a budget owner?

Budget owners oversee spend on a specific budget.

What is a Budget Owner?

Budget owners oversee spend on a specific budget. Only an Admin user can create a budget and set the budget owner.
A budget owner can be at any user level. As a budget owner, they own that specific budget. There is no limitation to how many budget owners are set per budget.
Budget owners can:
  • Add their team or other employees
  • Issue cards to themselves & budget members
  • Make transfers within the budget spend limit (If selected. Transfer rights per user are optional)
  • Approve claims associated with that budget

Budget owners cannot:

  • Edit the budget limit or frequency 
  • Edit the name or purpose
  • Edit the source of funds

Only Admin users can do this.

How to create a Budget Owner?

When creating a budget, an Admin user must assign a Budget Owner to oversee spend on that budget.

To learn how to create a budget and assign a budget owner, please refer to our FAQ titled "How to create a budget?" which provides a step-by-step guide. 


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