Why is the advance limit not updated in my account after repayment?

Your Advance Limit bill may still be in "Due" status or not yet updated, because we have not yet received the payment. 

Please keep in mind that payments may take a few days to reach us, depending on the transfer method.
  • SWIFT Transfers - 3 to 5 business days (does not apply for HKD repayments) 
  • Local Transfers - 2 to 3 business days (does not apply for HKD repayments) 

Your Advance Limit will be updated upon receiving your payment. The amount will be added to your Advance limit, which you can use immediately.

If your Advance Limit is not updated past the timelines mentioned above (time taken for the transfer to reach us and for us to update the advance limit), please submit a ticket through this link.


  • When making a repayment, it's essential to include your unique reference code.
  • We recommend enabling the Auto-pay functionality for quicker processing of Advance Limit repayments.

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