Why is my inward GIRO transfer delayed for more than 5 business days?

From our investigation, we identified that some banks do not yet have the functionality to send across the full 12 digits of your account number to the receiving bank, if sent via GIRO.
While you receive a proof of transfer, that will show that full 12 digit account numbers were correctly reflected, in the backend we only see a truncated 11 digit account number.
This results in Aspire being unable to identify which account the transfer is for, resulting in a delay of payments being credited to your account.
We have informed the Singapore Automated Clearing House (ACH) through our partner bank about these issues, however the prioritisation of these fixes are dependent on the sending banks.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and are actively encouraging these external banks to build the capability to send the full 12 digit account numbers via GIRO via their backend systems.
In parallel, we encourage your sender to also raise this with their bank, so that the bank is aware of these limitations from their own customers.
In the interim, we recommend either
  • Asking your sender to use a regular FAST transfer (if they plan to send funds from the same bank)
  • If that is not possible, fill out this missing GIRO request form proactively for all GIRO transfers, if the sender continues to use the same bank to send funds via GIRO.

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