What do the different Bill statuses mean?

You may see various statuses on your Bills dashboard. Here’s what they mean:

  1. Draft - The bill has been saved as a draft and is currently awaiting submission.
  2. Pending Review - The bill has been submitted and is pending approval.
  3. Pending Payment - The bill has been approved, but either the payment approval is pending, or it has not yet been submitted for payment approval.
  4. Payment Scheduled - The bill has been approved and has been scheduled for payment. The payment will be automatically initiated on the scheduled date.
  5. Payment initiated - The payment has been initiated for the bill.
  6. Paid - The payment has been completed successfully for the bill.
  7. Failed - The payment was initiated but was unsuccessful. Chat with our support team by logging in to your account to understand why the payment failed. 
  8. Cancelled - The payment was rejected. The person rejecting the payment can provide a reason at the time of cancellation. 
  9. Due in  - The payment is due in a few days. This is based on the due date mentioned on the bill.
  10. Overdue by - The payment is overdue. This is based on the due date mentioned on the invoice.

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