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What do CEC charges refer to?

A CEC charge refers to a transaction with a crypto exchange for the purpose of withdrawing funds from the exchange.

Aspire only supports withdrawals from MAS-regulated crypto exchanges that hold a DPT license. For withdrawals from these exchanges, Aspire has introduced a 0.1% risk fee (CEC charge) that will be applied.

The CEC charge is applied to cover the operation of enhanced controls when transacting with crypto exchanges, to ensure the risks are appropriately mitigated for Aspire, its partners and clients. 


  • Any withdrawals from these exchanges must be corporate treasury funds and only for the purposes of using the funds for operational expenses (e.g., Payment of rent, salaries, supplies).

  • Aspire does not support any transactions with crypto exchanges related to client funds, crypto trading, facilitating collections from customers or any other non-operational purpose. Such transactions may be blocked. 

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