What currencies can I send from my SGD account?

Through our partner Wise, Aspire allows you to send monies internationally by converting your overseas payments instructions into 2 discrete local transactions.

In place of a single swift transaction, a local transaction of SGD within Singapore is first initiated. Subsequently, a local transaction of the foreign currency in its home country is made to the intended recipient. This allows for time and cost savings when making international transfers.

Find here a range of currencies that we support sending out locally via Wise for Businesses:

*Sending INR to India

When sending money to a private individual, you can transfer up to the equivalent of 1 million GBP per transaction.

For business transfers, you can send up to 1.5 million INR per working day. 

*Sending NPR  to Nepal

You can send up to 1 million NPR per transfer.

*Sending JPY to Japan

  • Ensure that the 'Full name of the account holder' must match exactly what is on their bank account
  • Enter Katakana characters in the recipient name field if the recipient's details are registered in Katakana with the beneficiary bank
  • Ensure that the amount you send does not exceed 1 Million JPY. As an alternative, we suggest you to:
    • Split the payment amount into lower multiple transfers (e.g.: sending 500k JPY twice).
    • Send via our Transfer Request form

*Sending THB to Thailand

To successfully send THB transfers from your SGD Account, do take note of the maximum transaction limits:

  • Transfers sent to Bangkok Bank Public Company, Kasikorn Bank, and Siam Commercial Bank = Limit per transaction is 2M THB
  • Other banks in Thailand Limit per transaction is 49,999 THB

Can I send USD/EUR/GBP to other countries?

Through Wise, we also allow you to send out 3 main currencies (USD/EUR/GBP) outside their home countries. For such transactions, Wise will complete the transaction via a SWIFT transfer that is sent out from its home country i.e. USD SWIFT sent from USA.

  • Find here a list of the countries that you can send USD to: USD list
  • Find here a list of the countries that you can send EUR to: EUR list
  • Find here a list of the countries that you can send GBP to: GBP list

For alternative payment methods to currencies outside of Wise's acceptance, please refer to article here

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