What are the gateway fees when using E-wallets for IDR Receivables?

Each E-wallet comes with gateway fees that are applied per transaction

  • OVO: 1,67%
  • OVO Digital: 3,03%
  • Shopee Pay: 2%
  • Shopee Pay Digital: 4%
  • Link Aja: 1,67%
  • Link Aja (fixed fees): Rp3,330 
  • DANA: 1,67%

Note: The implementation of OVO Digital and Shopee Pay Digital will depend on your business type (physical/ digital). Our team will evaluate your application and choose the most suitable payment option for your business needs. 

The gateway fee can be incurred by you or your customer 
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Gateway fee incurred by your customer 

If you choose to have the gateway fees incurred by your customer, the fee will be added to the payment amount in the customer portal. 

Gateway fee incurred by you 

If you choose to incur the gateway fees, your customer will only pay the stated Invoice or Payment Links amount. Once your customer paid the invoice/ payment links, the gateway fee will be deducted from the amount

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