What are the fees and rates for incoming SWIFT transfers to the SGD account?

For all supported currencies (except SGD*)

1. Zero fees from Aspire, best rates up to 3x cheaper than banks

2. Depending on the charge type, a SWIFT transfer fee may apply.**

 **SWIFT transfers may involve intermediary/correspondent banks fees that may be deducted from the received amount. This fee varies based on the correspondent banks used by SWIFT network and can be between $7 - $60. You are unable to select the intermediary bank. 

We suggest that you clarify the arrangement with your sending party prior to the payment instruction.

In all cases, the above fees would already be deducted from the amount which will be deposited into your Aspire SGD account.

*For inbound SGD transfers, where the source bank handles the conversion and no further conversion is needed at Aspire, a flat, transparent fee of SGD $35 would be applied.


Please be informed that we received feedback that funds received via HSBC are, in some instances auto-converted to GBP during the transaction process. However, as your account only supports SGD currency, the funds will be auto converted from GBP back to SGD once they are received into your Aspire account.
To avoid double conversion when receiving from HSBC, please request your sender to add "Do Not Convert" in the payment reference field."


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