How to use the Invoice Dashboard & Analytics

Invoice Dashboard

This is available to any Admin or Finance user. To view this, go to RECEIVE PAYMENTS and click on "Invoicing".

The Invoice dashboard will show all your invoices in different statuses:

  • Draft
  • Paid
  • Due in XX days
  • Overdue by XX days

We have a range of filters so that you can filter based on your needs. Such as by due date, invoice status and customer.

Our video below helps you how to navigate our dashboard best. 

Invoice Analytics

To view the analytics feature, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the top section that shows "Total Outstanding, Overdue and Due".

Click anywhere on this bar, and it will take you to the analytics feature.  This will give you a bird's eye view of everything. 

Our video below helps you how to navigate our analytics best. 

Video Guide on Navigating Invoice Dashboard & Analytics


0.00 to 0.30 Overview of video 

0.45 to 2.57 How to create an invoice 

2.57 to 4.30  Filtering the Invoices dashboard 

4.31 to end  How to use the Analytics feature 


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