How to sync Advance Limit Statements to Netsuite?

Users can now sync Advance Limits statements as payables to Netsuite!

Note! You can only sync Advance Card statements to Netsuite as payables for now. Advance Transfer statements are not yet supported.


1. From the home page, go to "Advance Limit" then click "Sync advance statement"


2. On the page, you can see the sycn readiness field which indicates whether all transactions in the statements have the complete necessary details:

  • Ready to sync - all transactions in the statement have the necessary details required to proceed with sync.
  • Transactions with missing values - some transactions need to be reviewed and filled in with the missing details before syncing.


3. To review statements with missing values on transactions, click on the statement from the table. Select the transactions with missing values then click "Edit"


4. Place the necessary information on the field then hit "Save"


5. To complete the process, go back to the Sync Advance Statement to Netsuite Page, select multiple ready statements, and click "Sync statements


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