How to manually import bills from Aspire to Xero?

If you haven't synced your bills from Aspire to Xero, you can still import them manually by following the steps by steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Export Data" on Aspire and select "Bills
  2. Select the relevant filters in case you want to filter the data for your export, and then select "Xero" to export your statement
  3. Open Xero
  4. In the Business menu, select Bills to pay

  5. Click the arrow next to New bill, then select Import Bill

  6. Drag and drop the saved CSV file or click Select File
  7. Choose whether the prices in the Unit Amount column are tax inclusive or exclusive

  8. Click Confirm

  9. Review the import message in Xero. If there are errors in the file, you can go back to the file, fix them, then import the file again. Otherwise, click Complete import.

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