How to make batch payments from USD Account?

Admin and Finance users have the ability to submit batch USD payments from the Aspire USD account.

Note! Batch payment from USD accounts is only available for transfers in the same currency (USD to USD).

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1. Click on "Make batch payments"

2. Select USD account as the source account

3. Place the name of your batch name.

4. Add the necessary transfer details such as tagging these transfers to a budget & their category, then hit "Next"

5. Get a copy of Aspire's USD batch payment template by clicking the text link.

6. A Google sheet will open and you need to make a copy of the sheet for you to use.

7.  From your own CSV copy, fill in the following columns.

SI no: add a number per transfer
Currency place "USD"
A/c Holder Name account name of the recipient
A/c Number (or) IBAN account number of the recipient
Bank SWIFT code bank SWIFT code
Transfer Amount amount you'll transfer
Country Code please refer to the "Supported Country Codes" tab on the CSV template to find the appropriate country code.
ACH routing number 
required only for local transfers within US
Recipient type
place "company" or "individual" depending on the account recipient type
Address recipient's address
City recipient's city
State/ Province 
required only for local transfers within US
Postal code
required only for local transfers within US
Reference (optional) transfer reference

8. Once done, save the CSV copy to your device, upload the CSV file, and then click next.

9. If you did not use the Aspire CSV template, you can map your CSV fields to the Aspire transfer fields on this part. If all good, click next.

10. Configure the transfer type and fees for transfers, then click "Review"

Note! If your recipient's country is outside the USA, only SWIFT transfers are available for use.

In the case where you select Local transfers and have one recipient outside the USA, the transfers to the US will be processed locally, while the recipient outside the USA will be processed via SWIFT.

For SWIFT transfers, you have the option to cover the intermediary bank fees by toggling this button. Please be aware that additional fees will be added if you decide to cover the intermediary bank fees.

11. You can review the transfers by clicking the "Transfer details" tab. If all good, click "Submit transfers" and that's it!


  • Unsuccessful transfers can be seen under the "Error details" tab. You can see the rows and error details of the unsuccessful transfers there. 
    To correct the errors, you can make adjustments to your .csv file and re-upload it. Amending the transfer details directly in Aspire is not available yet.

  • The batch payment transfers will also follow the transfer approval policy that has been set in place (if any). In this scenario, the approvals needed are determined based on the total amount included in the CSV file, NOT based on each individual transfer.

Questions? Please log in to the app and reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Suggestions? Let us know here.