How to create and delete recipients in your IDR account?

Note: You will need a minimum balance of IDR 10,000 to be able to add a recipient in your IDR account. 

Only AdminFinance with transfer rights, and Finance with submit-only rights can add or delete recipients. To learn more, you can follow the guides below to create or delete a beneficiary in your IDR account:

How to add new recipients: 

  1. Click IDR Account  under Accounts on your Aspire dashboard :
  2. Click Submit a transfer 

  3. Click New Recipient 

  4. Fill in the relevant information


How to delete recipients:

  1. Click  Recipients  on  the Directories tab 

  2. Select the recipients you want to delete
  3. Click the three-dot button on the right side of the name 

  4. Click Delete 

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