How long will it take for a SWIFT transfer to be sent to my IDR account?

The time to process incoming SWIFT transfers depends on the platform used by the sender.

SWIFT transfers generally take 2-5 business days. Aspire will process funds within one business day of receiving them.

Note:  Your IDR account can receive SWIFT transfers, but the funds sent must be converted to IDR

Note: When sending funds to your account for the first time or receiving investment/funding, please notify us in advance and provide supporting documents via this form.

If the delivery time exceeds the estimated time, please request proof of transfer or MT103 (for transfers via SWIFT) from your sender.

As receiving parties, our payment partners have limited visibility into incoming transactions. Therefore in order to trace the transfer, we strongly recommend that you contact the sender and ask them to issue a tracking of funds through the sender's bank.

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