How do I refer someone to Aspire?

Do you know anyone who could benefit from an account with Aspire?

Refer someone, and you’ll both get a referral reward as a thank you!😄

Referrers and referees can receive 50 SGD each for businesses incorporated in SG and Rp 500,000 each for businesses incorporated in ID.

Please note that you will need an active Aspire account before you can refer a new business, you can get started here.

How can I share my referral code?

You can send your referral code in two ways. Follow the steps below to see where you can find your referral code in-app:

1. Click the gift icon on the upper right part of the home page, then select "Referrals"

2. You have the option to either copy your unique referral code and ask them to enter your code under the "Promo Code" field during their registration process.

You can also email the business you refer by clicking "Refer by email." When they click the link, your referral code will be automatically applied during their registration.

3. You can also click "My referrals" to track the businesses you have referred

Please go through this video tutorial for reference:

How can we get the referral reward?

Please note that the referral fees will be paid out when the referee has successfully signed up with Aspire and made one purchase transaction with the required minimum amount on their Aspire Card:

  • For Singapore-incorporated clients = minimum SGD 5 
  • For Indonesia-incorporated clients = minimum Rp 500,000 


Note: Only clients with Aspire SGD and IDR Debit accounts are eligible to send the referral invite.

Questions? Please log in to the app and reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Suggestions? Let us know here.