How do I freeze a Card?

Freezing a card will limit the user from making any further purchases. There is no time limitation on how long you can freeze a card. You can unfreeze just as quickly as you freeze a card.

Do note that only an Admin can freeze cards. 

You can freeze a card when you need to, OR you can set a rule to freeze a card after a certain number of transactions or date.

To freeze a card, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Cards on the left-hand side, under Spend.
  2. Select the card you would like to Cancel 
  3. Select 🔒 Security Options
  4. Select Freeze
  5. This card is now Frozen. 

Repeat the above to unfreeze.

You can also watch this quick video:

HubSpot Video


To set a card to freeze after a specific date or after a certain number of transactions, follow these steps:

  1. When you edit or create a card, you can click on Freeze automatically 

  2. Set the number of transactions; or 
  3. Select the date you would like this card to freeze on 
  4. Click on save changes if editing a card or confirm to create the card 

All changes you make can be edited again by clicking on the edit button.

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