Are my funds safe?

Safeguarding ensures the distinct separation of our customers' funds from Aspire's operational finances, which are employed for business activities. This protection is upheld from the moment Aspire acquires the funds until customers initiate a payout or withdrawal of their balance.

When customers deposit funds into an Aspire business account, these funds are securely held in a client-segregated trust account with a Tier 1 bank in Singapore. This account, ring-fenced for the exclusive purpose of holding funds in trust on behalf of our customers, remains inaccessible to Aspire creditors, our banks, or any third parties. Consequently, when customers wish to withdraw or make a payout from their Aspire account, the funds are readily available to them.

In the unlikely event of Aspire ceasing business operations, undergoing insolvency, liquidation, or bankruptcy, our customers' funds are safely set aside in the safeguarding account. They will receive their funds back with priority over all other creditors.

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