Am I eligible for an Advance Limit?


Advance Limit applications will be reviewed based on the Eligibility Criteria below:

Criteria Description Corporate Startup*
Repayment History

- No history of late repayment of company & major shareholders at other financial institution

- No bankruptcy in the last 5 years

Minimum latest Y-o-Y revenue growth No less than -5% Required
Prohibited Industry Not among prohibited industry list Required
Country of operation & Director's location in SG, HK, VN, ID, MY, TH, PH Required
Legal Entity type Only in the form of LTD, JSC, PLS Required
Minimum yearly revenue At least 2M USD Required Not required
Years of operation At least 2 years Required Not required
Profitability in the last 2 years No less than 0% Required Not required
VC capital injection At least 5 million USD (total of all funding rounds) Not required Required
Remaining runway At least 9 months Not required Required



  • *Startups are businesses established for less than 3 years and primarily supported by venture capital, incubators, or accelerator investors.
  • Advance Limit approval is subject to further assessment after your documents are submitted.

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