Admin and storage issues with Google Workspace

Below are common Administration and Storage requests relating to your Google Workspace Account


  1. How can I make a user an admin? 
  2. How do I reset or recover passwords for my users? 
  3. What if I want to add another domain for my subsidiary? 
  4. How do I set up 2 step verification for my users?
  5. Can I turn off Youtube access for my users?  



  1. How do I review storage use across my users?
  2. Can I set storage limits for individual users or groups?
  3. What is the meaning of pooled storage?
  4. What are the storage limits for my chosen subscription? 

The above FAQs will take you to the Google FAQs Page 

Questions? Please log in to the app and reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Suggestions? Let us know here.