For all supported currencies (except SGD*), there are 2 components of fees in receiving SWIFT payments.

1. A flat, transparent 0.5% fee of the transaction amount (this is on average 3x cheaper compared to bank rates).

2. Depending on the charge type, a SWIFT transfer fee may apply.

  - If the transfer is sent via SWIFT and the charge type is set as ‘SHA’ (shared) or ‘BEN’ (beneficiary). This fee varies based on the correspondent banks used by SWIFT network, but would be S$5 - S$60 in most cases.

-  If the charge type is set as ‘OUR’, this means that the fee would be borne by the sender and therefore would not apply.

We suggest that you clarify the arrangement with your sending party prior to the payment instruction.

In all cases, the above fees would already be deducted from the amount which will be deposited into your Aspire SGD account.

*For inbound SGD transfers, where the source bank handles the conversion and no further conversion is needed at Aspire, a flat, transparent fee of SGD $35 would be applied.

What are the transfer fees?

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