To ensure smooth incoming international transactions, please note that direct international telegraphic transfers to your local SGD Aspire account number starting 885065- are not yet accepted. You will need to receive international monies to your SGD SWIFT account details instead.


From Singapore

From Overseas

Account No.

To SGD Local Account

To SGD SWIFT Account





Telegraphic Transfer²



2 Hours

1-3 Business Days

1-3 Business Days

1-3 Business Days

3-5 Business Days


SGD 200,000  
per transfer

No limit

No limit

No limit

No limit





All Currencies

Available Currencies

Aspire Fees*





S$35 for SGD transfers

0.5% for others

FX rate




DBS FX Rates

Reuters Rates

Please follow the below steps to create your account with Swift Account Details through our Aspire app.

  1. Get the Director of the company to go to the Account Details by clicking on "View Account Details"
  2. Click on "Swift Account Details"
  3. Click on "Get Account Details", should the director agree to the T&Cs appended within.

Directors will receive a confirmation email informing them when our teams start working on it, and once again when international transfers have been enabled. 
Once successfully onboarded, please come back to the same page for your Swift Account Details  - to share with your payers for them to send SWIFTs/Wires/Telegraphic Transfers into your Aspire Account. 

To receive funds from abroad, you will have to use your SWIFT payment details. Any funds received in this account would be converted to SGD and deposited in your Aspire SGD account, after our transparent fee deduction. 

You can receive funds from most countries, for more info, please check this link here.

Alternatively, if you are using an FX service provider, you would want to consider if you should be entering your SGD local payment details or SGD SWIFT payment details, as the fees may vary depending on each option. Some FX providers like Wise pay out SGD locally i.e. they make a local transfer to your account instead of making an international transfers. For such providers, you would save on fees by receive the money directly into your Aspire SGD account via your local account details. If you’re not sure, please ask your provider.

Special note - if you are looking to receive funds from the UK: 

If your sender is located in the UK, you have 2 available options to receive funds:

They can send you a SWIFT transfer (works for all supported currencies)

They can send you a transfer using local payment methods (works for GBP only)

For sending using local payment methods, the sender would ask you for a Sort Code and an account number. These are a part of your Account number/IBAN.

Say your Account number/IBAN is GB68TCCL11111122222222.

Account number is the last 8 digits, i.e. 22222222 in above example.

Sort code is the 6 digits after “TCCL”, i.e. 111111 in above example.

Questions? If there is any specific question you would like more details about, please let us know here or call us at +65 3165 1500 during business hours (Mon - Fri, 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM SGT).