Why is the Aspire Subscription Plan of great value?

At Aspire, we are creating a lot of value for our customers with our comprehensive suite of SaaS features backed by payable/receivable capabilities. An average customer saves 117 hours and SGD 38,800 a year with Aspire, and you can be one of them by just clicking here!๐Ÿ˜‰

With Aspire, thereโ€™s no need to manage multiple disconnected financial service providers. Scale faster with access to multi-currency accounts, cards, expenses, payables, and receivables management solutions in one place. We offer three packages:

  1.  BUSINESS ACCOUNT PLAN - A powerful financial stack of international payments, cards, receivables, and bookkeeping in one account. Ideal for companies with 0-20 employees. See the list of offered features here.
  2. SPEND MANAGEMENT PLAN - Gain real-time visibility and control with intuitive spend management integrated with global payments. Ideal for companies with 20-200 employees. See the list of offered features here.
  3. CUSTOM PLAN - Advanced solutions designed for expanding regional companies with multiple entities. Ideal for companies with more than 200 employees. This plan is perfect for customized account features for your business. Talk to our Sales to know more!

We have rolled out the following promos for our clients:

For a comparison of all our subscription plans, click here.


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