Who can view, create, submit and approve Bills?

View invoices

  • Admins and Finance users can view all company invoices (including drafts)
  • Budget Owners can view all invoices (including drafts) linked to their budget. They cannot view invoices linked to budgets where they are not the Budget Owner.
  • Employees and Budget Members can only view invoices created by them. They cannot view invoices created by other users.

Create invoices 

Any user, irrespective of their roles, can create an invoice under the Bills feature and save it as a Draft.

Submit invoices

  • Invoices linked to a budget:
    - Budget owners with transfer permissions
  • Invoices not linked to a budget:
    - Admins
    - Finance users with transfer permissions
    - Finance users with submit permissions

Approve invoices

The following users can approve an invoice (based on the company’s approval settings):

  • Admins
  • Finance users with transfer permissions


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