Which countries can I send my USD to?

Using your DBS USD Account

You can make SWIFT transfers to all non-sanctioned countries outside of Singapore (through an approved FX/Cross Border partner only) using your DBS USD account.

You can make SWIFT transfers to accounts within Singapore (without needing an approved FX/Cross Border partner) using your DBS USD account.

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Using your Currency Cloud Limited Account 

You can send to all countries except the countries listed below:

Belarus Crimea Cuba

Donetsk People's Republic

(Contested region of Ukraine)

Iran Kherson region of Ukraine Libya Luhansk region of Ukraine
Myanmar North Korea     Russia South Sudan
Sudan Syria Venezuela Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine

To view the latest updates on restricted countries, please refer to the link here.

Please be advised that transactions going through your USD account are screened before they are released from the account.

You may also refer to this article on transaction limits for USD outbound transfers.

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