Where do I find my Account number and details on my SGD Account?

To find your account details for your SGD Account simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Click on SGD Account and you will be brought to your SGD Account Details 

  3. To see your Local Account details click on See Local details >
  4. To see your SWIFT (International) Account details click on See SWIFT details > 
  5. When you click on either pop up will appear and show you your account details
  6. You can share these details by clicking on Share details. Here you have the option to download an official letter or copy the payment details

You can also see your account details where it says account details, as shown below. However we do recommend you click on the full set of details, as above, so you have the correct and full information.

The below video also helps to explain more on your SGD Account:

HubSpot Video


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