Where are my funds received via PayNow?

Your funds may not have arrived in your Aspire virtual account due to a Paynow network timeout.

At times, your funds might not be received due to network timeouts which affect all participating banks and non-bank financial institutions on the same Paynow network.

This can happen:
  • Before the transaction is successfully sent - resulting in a failure message on the sender's end
  • After the transaction is successfully sent - resulting in a successful confirmation screenshot on the sender's end (See image 1), but funds reverse back just a few seconds later into the sender's account. Sender will be able to see this reversal in their transaction history (See image 2)
    image (24)
    image (25)
As advised by the Association of Banks Singapore: "Merchants are NOT to rely on a sender's payment screenshot as confirmation that funds were successfully credited to the merchant's account".
Because of timeouts, a sender may have a screenshot proof of successful transfer, but this does not rule out the possibility of a network timeout causing funds to be reversed back to the sender.
Retailers/Merchants are advised to ONLY release goods & services once the funds have been sighted in their virtual account, and NOT rely on a payment screenshot by sender as proof.
If you are unable to sight a Paynow transfer in your virtual account, please refer to the steps below:
  • Ask your sender to check their transaction history to see if the funds were reversed back into their account. The sender may insist that a payment screenshot was sent, but please explain the funds may have also been reversed due to a network timeout, and that a Payment screenshot is not proof that funds were successfully credited to the account.
  • If your sender confirms that funds were not reversed back into his account under transaction history, and provides proof of payment screenshot - please provide Aspire with the missing Amount, Date, Time, and whether the Sender transferred to your QR Code, VPA, or your UEN.
  • Note: If your sender transferred to your company's UEN, the payment would have landed in another non-Aspire bank account linked to the UEN.


  • Always ensure that the Paynow transfer has been deducted from your client's bank before you release any goods/services.
  • Aspire may deactivate your Paynow account if there is no activity for some time. You can request for Paynow again in-app.

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