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What can I do when I see an unauthorised transaction in my account?


  • Cardholders must file the dispute no more than 60 days from the card transaction date. 
  • A maximum of 35 transactions can be disputed every 120 days.
  • 3DS, Chip, and contactless transactions can't be filed for dispute.

Unauthorised transaction came from a merchant I transacted with before

Please note that the dispute process takes 30 days to settle with VISA. For a faster way of getting your funds back, we encourage you to try to settle the refund with the merchant.

If the merchant does not cooperate to settle this charge from their end, we'll help you file the dispute on our end. Please contact our Support Team and provide the following evidence to justify the reason for the dispute:

  • Filled up Dispute Form
  • Corresponding emails or any proof of message that you attempted to settle it with the merchant
  • Invoice/cancellation notes (if there's any)

Unauthorised transaction from a merchant I NEVER transacted with

We'll be sure to help you file the dispute case with VISA. To proceed with the dispute process, you will need to:

  • Cancel or replace the affected card. Check if the affected card is tagged to any recurring subscriptions. Update your card information with your new replacement card on the merchant's platform.
  • Fill up this Dispute Form and provide it to our Support Team to start the dispute process

Please note that the Dispute process takes roughly 30 days to settle a dispute with VISA.  Our Support Team will reach out to you again once there is an update on your case.


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