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What is the cost of the Standard plan for Aspire Subscription?

At Aspire, we are creating a lot of value for our customers with our comprehensive suite of SaaS features backed by payable/receivable capabilities, hence Aspire is starting its subscription plan on 5th July 2022, which is an effort to capture a fair share of that value.

As per the Standard Plan, you will be charged SGD $12 per month (exclusive of tax) to maintain an account with Aspire. You can have unlimited access to all our features including budgets, claims, payables, and receivables. Please click here to understand the pricing in detail.

As a part of our launch promo, we have rolled out the following schemes for our clients:
  • All the existing clients are eligible to use Aspire for free till 1st September 2022😎
  • All the new clients can enjoy Aspire for free for the first 60 days😁 if you open your account by clicking here!
What’s more, as part of our mission to empower entrepreneurship, startups get to enjoy our services for free for the first year, if they opt to incorporate their company with Aspire, under the Kickstart program. This benefit includes access to the standard plan, along with all of its features. Optional add-on charges still apply.

Questions? Email us at support@aspireapp.com or chat with us during business hours (Mon - Fri, 9.30 AM - 6:30 PM SGT).