My admin has resigned. How can I add a new admin to my account?

In the case of your admin resigning, whilst you only have one admin in your Aspire account, please follow the steps by steps below: 

  1. For the new admin that will be in charge of the account or previous admin, please contact our Care team via our chatbox in the bottom right
  2. Choose option "Account Management" 
  3. Click on "Others
  4. Explain your concern and provide the following documents: 
    a.  The new Director's email and mobile number
    b.  Front & back picture of the new Director's NRIC/ID as per ACRA (for passports, only ID page is required)
    c.  Picture of the new Director holding their NRIC/ID and a paper with the word 'Aspire + date today' written on it. 
    d. Copy of the ACRA Bizfile, which reflects the updated Director records

We will revoke your previous admin access and replace them with your new admin details. The process will take 5-7 days. 


Questions? Reach out in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Suggestions? Let us know here.