I initiated a SWIFT transfer with incorrect details

If you initiated a SWIFT transfer from your USD account and accidentally placed incorrect account details, we can help send the correct information to the recipient's bank. To do this process:

  1. Contact your customer and ask them to request their bank to initiate a SWIFT MT199 message to The Currrencycloud Limited (TCCLGB3L) to ask for clarification on (account name/other incorrect transfer details) of the transfer you sent.
  2. Contact our Customer Support so our team may inform our partner, CurrencyCloud, of the correct transfer details we need to forward to the recipient's bank. Please confirm the following in your email:
    1. Transaction ID of your transfer:
    2. Incorrect transaction details: (e.g. Incorrect account name - The Bau Pte Ltd)
    3. Correct transaction details: (e.g. Correct account name - The Bay Pte Ltd)
  3. Once our partner receives the SWIFT MT199 message from the recipient's bank, we'll provide the correct details on the transfer.


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