How long does it take for the funds to reach my USD account?

If you're using the DBS USD account details

Transfers typically take 3-5 business days via the SWIFT network to reach your account. Please expect delays if you have not provided sufficient information in the transfer request form such as the purpose of the transaction, or any supporting documentation.

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If you're using The Currency Cloud Limited Bank account details or Community Federal Savings Bank account details

The delivery time depends on the transfer method used by the sender. You can top up your USD account in 2 main ways:

  From USA

From 180+ countries

(with "*" are not included)

Account No. To USD Local Account To USD SWIFT Account
 Transfer Methods


ABA/Fedwire Transfers

SWIFT Transfer 
Speed 1-2 days* 3-5 business days*
Transfer Limit

ACH: $5M

ABA/Fedwire: $1M

No limit
Currency USD Supported currencies
Aspire Fees $0


FX Rate -

Best rates up to 3x cheaper than banks

*Subjected to compliance checks. Admins and Finance users will be notified if further documents or information is needed before we credit the funds. Click here to learn more.


If the expected delivery time for funds to be reflected in your account has exceeded, please request a transfer receipt or MT103 (for transfers via SWIFT) from your sender.

As the receiving party, our payment partner has limited visibility on inbound transactions. We strongly advise that you reach out to the sender and request them to issue a trace of funds through the sending bank.

To avoid double conversion, when receiving from HSBC, please request the sender to add "Do Not Convert" in the payment reference field.

However, this instruction is followed only on a best endeavours basis by the sending and intermediary banks.

We do not have any control over any of these banks auto-converting the funds to GBP.


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