How do I submit a bill?

Let our AI take care of the data entry when you submit a bill

When submitting a bill for payment, let our AI technology take over and do the data entry for you!

Follow the steps and video below to learn more:

  1. Log into your Aspire Account
  2. Go to SPEND and click on Bills 
  3. Click on ➕ New Bill and upload your bill/invoice for payment 
  4. Click on YES, AUTOFILL if you'd like us to automatically fill out the data OR click on No ENTER MANUALLY if you want to enter it yourself
  5. If you clicked on YES, AUTOFILL let our scanning do the work (takes 30 seconds) 
  6. The particular should now be filled out matching your invoice/bill!
  7. Click on Continue (or save a draft and return later - you ca access this draft bill from your Bills dashboard) 
  8. Add your Source of Funds 
  9. Fill out the recipient information and Transfer information 
  10. Fill out the internal reporting section and add any supporting documents (if required) 
  11. Review your bill!
  12. Once happy, click on Submit
  13. If you are an Admin or Finance transfer only user, you can now click on Approve or Reject. If you any other level, you wil need towait for the bill to be approved. 
  14. Your bill will now be paid

Watch our video below that covers the steps above:

HubSpot Video

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