How can I integrate my Aspire Account with Xero?

You can connect your account with Xero directly in-app at the click of a button. Please click on this link and press the 'Sync' button.

You can also go through this video tutorial to understand the process of integrating your Aspire account with Xero:

HubSpot Video

Please check these mobile screenshots on how to sync your Aspire account with Xero:


You can integrate multiple Aspire accounts to the same Xero account. For example, if a parent company has three different business entities and each of them has its own Aspire account, all three of these accounts can be connected to the same Xero account of the parent company.

Flow of information between Aspire & Xero:


Helpful Articles: 

Please note you need to sync your bill and expenses separately, it is not automatically done once you integrate. See the articles above.


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