How do I integrate with Wise?


Note! Businesses incorporated outside Singapore with an Aspire SGD account cannot be integrated with Wise. Visit this FAQ to see an alternative way of sending FX transfers from the SGD Account.

To integrate your Aspire account with Wise:

1. Login and click 'Make a transfer'

2. Add a 'New recipient' and select "Other Currencies"

3. Once you've added the new recipient details, you will be prompted to initiate your Wise integration

4. Select the option to link your Aspire account with an existing Wise account, or create a brand-new Wise account through Aspire.

Please take note that both the Aspire user and Wise user involved in this integration must be of the same person.

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Why can't I integrate with Wise? Why is my Wise transfer failing?

Reason 1: Wise's Acceptable Use Policy

One common reason is that Wise does not support a number of business activities as per Wise's Acceptable Use Policy. You can view this FAQ to learn more details on our alternative solution to send FX.

If you have pending payments or remaining balances in your Wise account, we will cancel and return any money that has been received back by the way it was sent.

Reason 2: Different email addresses

Please make sure that you use a unique email address for every new Wise integration. We strongly advise that the Aspire user and Wise user involved in this integration must be of the same person.

This email address should not have been used for a Wise business account previously. If you have multiple Wise business accounts associated with the same email address, your transfers made via Wise might be rejected.

Reason 3: Your account balance is $0

When you perform the integration for the first time, do ensure that your account has a balance above $0. Otherwise, you will face an error message preventing you from making a transfer.

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